Sunday, 27 November 2016

O:I Complete - Nomads & CSU

Hi All,

About two years ago I bought & started to paint the Infinity Operation: Icestorm game. I got as far as painting all but the CSU mini & basing the PanO minis. Recently I've re-found my love of the minis, completing what I started, basing the Nomads & finishing the CSU.

The bases for the Nomads have elements of the round paving used on the PanO bases, but there set in a rubble scene. Other elements include bits of PanO coloured building rubble.

The CSU was (like most Infinity minis) a challenge, especially those stockings (which I'm still not happy with. For her base I used my Silhouette paper cutter, to cut some plasticard into a vent (matching those on the Motor Tronica terrain she stands on).

I've also done a Hobby Showcase video, this can be viewed here!


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