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Friday, 29 July 2011

Battlefield Terrain - Watchtower

Well it's been I while since my last post, but I have been busy with this project during my free time.  I was inspired to create this when reading an old 'No Quarter' magazine (No3) from Privateer Press.  I have recently discovered Warmachine and wanted some terrain to give my table an Iron Kingdom feel; however, I think this could be used in most fantasy and maybe some historic games too. So without further ado, lets show you some pics.

So here it is in all it's glory; it stands approx. 33cm or one foot tall (not including the flag), it's about 18cm wide.  The main column is made out of an old 'Pringles' carton, the tops foam board and the rest is mainly mounting board and plasticard.
You may just make out from the flag and warcaster at the base that this watchtower is in Khadoran ownership; although the flag pole is interchangeable, which should make for some interesting games.
Here is the entrance (guarded by Sorcha), mainly plasticard. You can also see one of the eighteen firing port holes above the door, more than enough for a solid defence. Also, to the right a notice board; providing important information to those approaching.
Here is a closer look at the noticeboard and the lovely sorcha.  This close you can see that the metal is heavily weathered with plenty of rust. I visualise this being placed in a cold, hard Kadoran border, where the ice has eaten away at the metal surfaces.
The roof was the most time consuming part of the build; each of those tiles were individually cut from mounting board and then glued in place. The metal edging is also mounting board.
I made the roof detachable to allow miniatures to be placed inside. I'm not fully versed with the Warmachine rules yet, but I understand that fighting can occur in buildings. Some of the best games I have played over the years have involved the defence of buildings of this type. 

Hope you liked this article, please comment and ask me questions.

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