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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Catachan Battleforce - First Two Units

Catachan Battleforce Box Set
I got this box set at the start of the year after agonising over which Imperial Guard Miniatures to use.  I had a few Cadians, half of which I have converted to Penal Legion (more on those in another posting). I eventually went for the Catachans because I thought I would enjoy painting them more and I liked the idea of fielding them as veterans.  Here are a few pics of what I have completed so far.  In future posts I will explain some of the processes I went through to create them.

This first (veteran) unit is designed for rear support (holding objectives/flanks etc).  It is equipped with Officer, Radio operator, 2 Grenade launchers, a Meltagun and 5 Lasguns.

First Squad - Click on image to enlarge
First Squad - Click on image to enlarge

In terms of the colour scheme, I've kept it simple and traditional looking, with no red scarfs. This keeps the paint pallet to a minimum, speeds up the painting process and overall has a good look.

This second (veteran) unit is designed for capturing objectives and generally getting stuck into close fighting.  It is equipped with Officer, Radio operator, Heavy Flamer, 2 Flamers and 5 Shotguns (6 if you include the Radio operator).  I will provide a tutorial of how I created the shotguns from lasguns in a later posting.

Second Squad - Click on image to enlarge
Second Squad - Click on image to enlarge

Close-up on shoulder ID
To improve identification of units on the tabletop, I gave the second unit red shoulder flashings.  I left the fist unit without any. All future units will have different colours.

To improve identification of units when returning them to my carrycase; I have added a colour dot under their base (matching the shoulder ID).  I also place my signature here, followed by a quick dab of gloss varnish to ensure they don't rub off so easily.
Here are a selection of close-up pics of individual miniatures from these two units.  I hope you like my work, please comment/ask questions.

Second Unit Officer

First Unit Grenade Launcher
Second Unit Heavy Flamer
Second Unit Flamer

Second Unit Shotgun

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