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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Eye Candy - Imperial Guard Penal Legion

As promised, here are some shots of my Penal Legion squad.  I really enjoyed working on these, Modeling and painting.  Each one is based around a Cadian trooper, converted using parts from other IG kits and Flagellants (especially their heads). I love to convert miniatures and aim to give each one an individual character. Some of the minis in this squad look like they tell a story with their pose of paintwork.

This Custodian has metal plates on his shoulders to signify his rank, these were added with green stuff. The arm he has in the air is from a flamer, with the handle cut off.

This Legionnaire has a simple pennon flag, which is for aesthetic reasons only. Were not covered by clothing or hair I have added bar code tattoos to the Legionnaires heads and put collars around their necks (made of paper clips); this adds to the convict theme. The uniforms are also all based on American orange prison style clothing; I batched painted these, so there are several variations of the colour within the squad.

This guy has a real mean look about him, his face is covered in scares and along with the eye patch you get the impression he has seen many battles.  You can also see the symbol I used for this squad on the shoulder; it is a basic skull with a 'PL' marking on the forehead.  This 'PL' can be seen on various pieces of equipment throughout the squad.

The blind legionnaire, one of those minis that has a real thematic look to it; like he's looking for his next victim to stumble into him and his knife. Modelling this was fun, especially the hand which I pinned on and the lasgun strap made from green stuff. You can also see some patches on the elbow and jacket, again made from green stuff.

Another hard looking Legionnaire; the skinhead hairstyle was one I perfected while completing these minis, using a 'painting faces' guide from White Dwarf. The unconverted original head had a full beard and head of hair, like many in this unit, I had to do a lot of shaving to get to the desired look. Any unused green stuff ended up as red/green bushes on the base, as seen at this Legionnaires' feet.

This old wardog has grown his hair to cover his tattoo. His uniform is in a slightly lighter shade to the others and covered in patches all of which points to a well seasoned campaigner.

Another one of the younger 'recruits' to the squad, with stubble and tattoo still showing.

This was one of the first minis I painted with Afro/Caribbean skin tone, again using the guide in White Dwarf. To add a rebellious feel, I gave him bleach blonde hair.

I really like the way the skin tone came out on this mini, it has a real natural feel to it.

The 'stolen/aquired' beret on this Legionnaire along with his jovial face mark him out as the joker in the squad (everyone has one).

So that's my penal legion, which I hope will make for an interesting unit on the table.  They bring some new rules and some much needed colour to my Catachan army.  I hope you enjoyed seeing them, please comment and ask questions.

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