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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Step by Step Guide - Imperial Guard Shotguns

As promised on my last blog here is a step by step guide to making Imperial Guard Shotguns, using a standard Lasgun. I have created this post from a word file I previously made and have scanned the pics below from this; hence the poor quality, so apologies for this.  If you look carefully you can just about make out the red cutting lines on the pics I added.

Tools/Items required:
Lasgun (this guide uses the Catachan version)
Sharp craft knife
1mm Drill bit and pin vice
Craft clippers
Craft files
Plastic Glue

Cut off the muzzle of the lasgun by running the knife around the circumference of the barrel. File the end flat and mark were the center of the barrel is by placing a small hole with the craft knife.  Using the Pin Vice, Drill out the end of the barrel and clean-up the edges with a file or knife.

Cut off the top section of the lasgun and the rear of the sight.  It’s best to start with a knife or clippers and complete with a file, stopping when the top of the casing is smooth and level. Using a file put a 45 degree chamfer on the remaining edges of the gun casing.

Using a file, smooth both the front and rear facing of the gun casing; being careful not to remove the Aquila (unless you plan to use with some chaos scum).  Cut off the ammo pack and file down level with the trigger guard; using a file put a 45 degree chamfer on these edges to mach the rest of the casing.

Cut off the butt and using a file put a 45 degree chamfer on the rear casing edges to mach the rest of the casing. Cut off he rear (padded) part of the butt, this will form the cocking handle. It's made up of 6 sections, cut 2 off and clean up the remaining 4 with a file. This is then glued to the casing, underneath the Aquila. This can be placed further back in a loading position.

Here are some examples of the shotgun in action in my second squad.  Notice the bandoleer with shotgun cartridges on the guns and uniform.  These were added with green stuff, the shells being made from paperclip cut to size.

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