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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Workbench – Intro – Crimson Fists Sternguard

Intro - This is the first of what I’m calling my ‘workbench’ section. This will cover all aspects in the pre-painting prep work stage. It will therefore predominately show miniatures that I have built/kit bashed. I may also include link tutorials to this section, when relevant.
As part of my Crimson Fists force that I intend to field at ‘The battle at the farm’, some of these converted space marines will take the roll of Sternguard. The reason I converted these minis was primarily one of cost cutting and secondly aesthetics. I don’t like the way that the current Sternguard box set has mixed weapons, which don’t match the load-out I want. Converting them incurs more cost and I’m not a big fan of finecast, other than the fact that the detail is amazing. No, I wanted my Sternguard to be mainly bolter armed, with a couple of special weapons (melta/flamer). I love the special ammunition these bolters have and the special weapons can be used when necessary. Due to Pedro Kantor’s ‘Hold the Line!’ special rule, these guys count as scoring units and will therefore be used to capture and hold objectives.
Conversion work – in order that these regular space marines looked a little more like Sternguard, I made a couple of slight conversions. Firstly, I’ve added purity seals, at least two per model. More noticeably I added rivets to the left shoulder pad, some left legs and helmets. All these make for a more veteran feel to the unit. The rivets were added simply by cutting 2mm sections from a 1mm styrene rod. These were then glued in place with Liquid poly, once dry they were filed to the same height. In addition the Sergeant has a couple of fancier shoulder pads, custom bolter with banana mag, custom chainfist and a scroll.
I have also added basing sand and some cork to the bases; I prefer to do this before painting. I hear that Santa is bringing me a Harder and Steenbeck airbrush for Christmas; I plan to christen it on these minis. I will post pics as they come together. I hope you enjoy these pics, as always click on them for a closer view.

Hope you liked this article, please comment and ask me questions.

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