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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Workbench – Basecoat – Crimson Fists Sternguard

Workbench – Basecoat – Crimson Fists Sternguard

So, the last time you saw these minis they were undercoated black. Since then they have had their basecoat layer added. The dark blue armour was airbrushed Vallejo Game Color Night Blue; this was applied at about a 60 degree angle to the mini. This ensured that the black remained in the deepest recesses.
Once dry (with the aid of a hairdryer) Imperial Blue was added from about 40 degrees, concentrating on the upper areas of the mini (top of helmet/pads/limbs etc). Once this layer was dry, I started work with the brushes.
The crimson armour and eye lenses: Mephiston Red (Citadel)
Wax of purity seals: Scarlett Red (Vallejo)
Leather packs, scroll paper and gold areas: Beasty Brown (Vallejo)
Metal areas: Leadbelcher (Citadel)
The base: Black (Vallejo)
The next stage will be to airbrush a layer of Vallejo Gloss Varnish, before adding oil washes.
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