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Friday, 5 April 2013

New Home - New War Room set up

It’s been a long time since my last post, during which I have moved house. As a result I have re set up my ‘War Room’, this being the space where I do all my miniature airbrushing/painting/preparation and PC work. I have viewed many other peoples work areas on various blogs/YouTube/websites and they have helped me to create what I now have. It’s not ideal, be equally not too bad. I would like therefore to share a few pics and descriptions of this, my War Room.

Firstly I should say that the room is about 8x10 feet and I share it with my wife. When I say share, she has a corner, one wall and a lot of compassion for me and my hobby. This first pic is a wide shot of my short wall, which hosts our old dining table. This serves as my Painting/Prep/PC/Storage area. As with any house move, I’m not quite fully reorganised yet and probably never will be, but it’s functional. This pic just start to show the large amount of ‘stuff’ crammed under my desk.


This is a wide shot of my window wall, where my airbrush table lives along with more storage draws. You can never have enough storage with this hobby.


A closer look at the Airbrush desk reveals from left to right; a small preparation area with cutting mat and craft drill. I do a lot of the assembling/gluing here. My Ultrasonic cleaner also lives here, I use this periodically to give my airbrush a good clean. Next I have a plastic tray (old sweet container); I use this to organise the miniatures I'm airbrushing. Next to this a good supply of cotton buds/cue tips, great for airbrush (and ear) cleaning. At the back, a hobby lamp with natural light bulb; these are ideal to support you when painting. This one overlooks my spray booth. The booth is portable, but I keep it permanently set up. I also has a hose which sits in a gap in the window when I'm airbrushing; removing all the nasty paint particles. At the front of the desk is my airbrush stand, an essential when airbrushing. Lastly there is my storage draws underneath. These contain everything from stationary, unpainted minis (we all have lots of those), airbrush supplies, tools etc etc.


This pic focuses on the right hand side of my main desk. Here sits my Airbrush compressor and cleaning equipment. I also have a hobby box full of hobby tools. I will often take this box into my conservatory to clean-up my minis. Under the table I store my respirator, which I use every time I airbrush.


This section of the desk I use for painting my minis. It centres around my old Citadel paint station. On here I have several glasses, which I use for cleaning my brushes. Each has a different function; washing metallic paints, Isopropanol, white spirits etc. All my mostly used brushes are at hand and my ceramic mixing pallet is also on here. A selection of Dystopian Wars EotBS minis (my current project) can also be seen. This is backed up with another hobby lamp, again with natural light bulb. At the back of the desk I have my paint collection (some of which are in the wooden draws); Citadel at the top and Vallejo underneath.


Moving further to the right is where I'm working now as I write this, my PC area. Nuff said.


These ‘box shelves’ hold a lot of miniature projects (top) and store various hobby/PC stuff (bottom). As I mentioned earlier, you can never have enough storage.


To the right of me as I now sit (at the PC) I have my bookcase; unsurprisingly filled with war history and wargaming books.


Finally, my display cases, which are currently fairly empty.

As always if you would like a closer look at any pictures above, click on them. If you have any comments or would like to ask me questions or provide feedback, please fill in the comments box below (this will be moderated before being published on this blog).

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