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About me - I'm a Christian (Pentecostal), Married to Wendy, two step children Thomas and Natalie, dog and rose-crested cockateel(Beauty). I've been a miniature hobbyist for over twenty years; I occasionally wargame at my local club or at home with friends. I set up my commission painting service in 2014, so I spend a lot of time painting!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Eye Candy - Epic Crimson Fists - Tactical Detachments

Having recently decided to follow the Net Epic Armageddon rules, as opposed to the Net Epic Gold rules, I also painted up some Crimson Fists, which are my favourite chapter. Not sure what I'll do yet will my Space Wolves (see previous posts), they will probably end up in 'The Dip' followed by a nice new coat of Crimson Fists blue. Hope you like the picks.

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