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Monday, 19 May 2014

Bat Rep - Minigeddon - Ghazgkhull Orks Vs Steel Legion

This is my first battle report and so I'm starting small with a 1000 point Minigeddon game. For me this was a learning experience, both in terms of getting to grips with the NetEA rules and pulling together a Bat Rep. I hope to do many more in the future, maybe even against human opponents (sadly its a solo game). I will also try to include some narrative to make it less stale.
I thought of using my white board to help keep track of things during the game. Above these army lists I have sheet with the victory conditions rules. Using magnetic markers I highlighted goals achieved. Though not too important in this game, I think this could be really useful in future games to keep the important stuff in mind. The pics below show turn by turn results, taken after the action is completed.

Ariel view of the minigeddon table. 5 Ork buildings complete the terrain. Orks are on the left, Steel Legion (SL) on the right. There's only two objectives each in a minigeddon game, theses are marked with mini blast markers; blitzes are on the baselines and the other two on the centre most buildings.
SL set up, from left to right - Leman Russes (LRs), Mechanised Infantry Company BTS (MIC), Shadowsword (SS).
Ork set up, Kult of Speed (KoS), Warband BTS (WB), Blitz Brigade 1 (BB1), Blitz Brigade 2 (BB2). Both armies started with their infantry mounted

SL win the strategy roll, the MIC doubles forward, disembarks and takes up residence in/around the objective building in their table half.
Not wanting to be outdone the Orks mirror the actions of the SL.
BB2 retains the initiative, doubles forward and fires on the LRs hiding behind the building. Scoring 2 hits and 2 kills.
The LRs advance (with their 3 blast markers) and return fire at BB2. Scoring 5 hits, destroying all but the Oddboy's tank. Realising his situation he quickly heads for cover behind the nearest building (pictured top right).
The mighty SS retains, advances and shoots at the Battlefortress peeping out to the right of the building (mid-top). At this point I wasn't fully aware of the war engine rules and didn't include the titan killer roll. As a result only 1 shield was downed. 
BB1 doubles forward to try and finish the job BB2 started on the LRs. 3 hits and 1 destroyed tank later, the LRs rush back to the cover of their building. 
With all the SL's activations completed, the KoS doubles towards the MIC and their objective. The Warbikes fire wildly at the Chimeras, hitting nothing. While the Skorchas fair better with 2 infantry kills.
The scene at the end of turn 1. Both broken units rallied.
SL wins the strategy roll again. The MIC charge out from around their building to engage the KoS. At this point I looked over the KoS stats and wondered if this was a mistake. Not so, both sides get a similar number of hits 4-3 in favour of the SL. 3 Skorchas are destroyed and 2 SL Infantry (the Commander making his save). The final score is 10-9, the KoS quickly withdraws back behind their objective building and the MIC consolidates back to theirs.
The SS retains for a second time this game, repeating the action of last turn (again without titan killer shots) and again takes down 1 Battlefortress shield.
BB1, with un-Orky orders to sustain fire at the MIC fail their initiative roll and instead hold and fire at them (Chimeras). The command Chimera bursts into flame, while the next tanks armour makes the save. 
The LRs advance back out from behind their cover and fire on BB1 (hoping for the same success they had with BB2). Hope turns to cheers as 4 tanks are destroyed, including the deadly Oddboy's weapon. The remaining Gunwagon quickly takes up a safe position next to BB2s Oddboy.
The Oddboy boldly doubles up the field to take a clear shot at the SS (it was at this point I realised what TK meant and why Oddboys are really popular). Sadly the Oddboys speed put off his aim and his missed the target.
The WB, with the only remaining activation advances to the front of their building, hoping to put the hurt on the MIC. They only manage 5 hits, which result in 3 more Chimeras destroyed and a growing pile of blast markers.
End of turn 2 and again all broken units rally.
The Orks win the initiative and the WB, feel the uncontrollable need to charge the MIC. Sadly the result is almost identical to their last attempt. 2 Chimeras destroyed and the Orks loose their Deth Kopta, 2 Boyz and 2 Grotz. The final score 11-9 and the WB rushes back to their building. Its not all in vain though, the MICs blast markers are overwhelming and they break back to the cover of their building also.
Feeling uneasy about the Oddboy lurking on their right flank, the LRs sustain fire and destroy it.
The KoS, realising that the MIC needs reducing before another assault; races forwards (doubles) and shoots, hitting nothing.
The SS, like the Oddboy realises what TK stands for as he levels his main gun at the Battlefortress again. Just like the Oddboy, his excitement ruins his aim and he misses. 
The last remaining Gunwagon from BB1 tentatively eases forward to fire at the MIC, sadly he looses his nerve, fails the initiative roll and his shot goes wide.
End of turn 3. The MIC rallies, whereas the WB doesn't and withdraws to their blitz. The score stands at 1:0 to the SL. Light is fading as is my energy and concentration levels. I call it a day with a narrow victory to the SL.

As always if you would like a closer look at any pictures above, click on them. If you have any comments or would like to ask me questions or provide feedback, please fill in the comments box below (this will be moderated before being published on this blog).

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  1. Nice report!

    I think you have the balance about right, in my humble opinion of course, bat reps like this need to be short and punchy. As you have done here keep the narrative to a minimum, because when your average reader is presented with big blocks of text they probably wont read it and just look at the pics!

    Good job, looking forward to seeing those beautiful Tau of yours in action soon.