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Friday, 22 January 2016

15mm Armed Civilians/Colonists from GZGs

Hi All, 

It's been a couple of months since I updated this blog, If you check-out my Commission work blog, you will have a better understanding why (needless to say I've been very busy). Yesterday was my birthday though, which means I was justified in giving myself a couple of days off. Of course this means that I'm still painting, but their my own minis.

Having previously got my hands on the Spec Ops rule supplement for Gruntz (from Clear Horizon Miniatures) & recently ordered appropriate spec ops minis from CHMs; I thought I'd use my spare time to prepare 'stuff' for my first game. Stuff includes spec ops helicopters, various terrain (including a colonial base) & the focus of todays post GZG's Armed Civilians/Colonists pack B.

I got these guys over Christmas, they were actually free, as part of GZGs annual giveaway. I've taken part in this over the last couple of years (cos who don't like free stuff). At the same time I got back into sculpting & saw these minis as an ideal opportunity to polish my skills, create minis I needed for my game & add some individuality.

The pack of eight minis has four individual sculpts duplicated. So I decided to keep four as is & convert/customise the other four. These were fairy simple changes, made with cutters/files & green stuff.

The results gave me (as you look at the second set of pics below) a construction worker with hard hat/holster, a leader with beret/improved pistol & lastly, western looking guy with turned-up hat & a sic-fi'ed rifle, my favourite SAW gunner (Rambo style).

I've painted them as a colonial militia, some wearing full uniform, others only partly. For those of you familiar with the Spec Ops supplement, I plan to you these minis as one of the militia groups opposing the spec ops sniper team in the first supplement mission. I will add a unit of my EHTC forces to make up the other group.

I hope you like the pics & stay tuned for more developments as I prepare for my first game.


As always if you would like a closer look at any pictures above, click on them. If you have any comments or would like to ask me questions or provide feedback, please fill in the comments box below (this will be moderated before being published on this blog).

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