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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

15mm Clearhorizon Miniatures - Minis!

Hi All,

Today my Clearhorizon Miniatures order arrived from stateside, exciting enough, then I clapped eyes on them & WOW! They look fantastic, crisp sculpts, lots of detail/character, very few duplicated minis & the resin parts are so smooooth! So yes, I'm really happy with these.

I took some pics of all the minis I got & of course I will post more when they are painted. All I can say is my pics won't do them justice.


As always if you would like a closer look at any pictures above, click on them. If you have any comments or would like to ask me questions or provide feedback, please fill in the comments box below (this will be moderated before being published on this blog).


  1. (via Facebook)

    These do look great, I'm sad that the exchange rate is murderous or I'd order a pair today (along with more Hell Divers and a number of other US-based goodies). The Matchbox Oshkosh M-ATV is a way-too-ghetto alternative :(

    1. Hi Allison, thanks for dropping by. The minis are amazing & I wouldn't (didn't) let a little thing like exchange rates stop you (me) from buying.