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About me - I'm a Christian (Pentecostal), Married to Wendy, two step children Thomas and Natalie, dog and rose-crested cockateel(Beauty). I've been a miniature hobbyist for over twenty years; I occasionally wargame at my local club or at home with friends. I set up my commission painting service in 2014, so I spend a lot of time painting!

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Battlefield Terrain - Battle of Kârna

Hi All,

Today I finished work on my Battle of Kârna battlefield terrain. This is a two foot square table with terrain designed for the scenario (of the same name), from the LoTRSBG Harad book. A pic of the original terrain from this book is shown first below, followed by my 'interpretation'.

Buildings were made primarily from insulation foam board (my newest favourite material), mounting board & wooden coffee stirrers. I really enjoyed putting this together & look forward to gaming on it.

I've also had another batch of plastic minis of eBay, which means I have almost all the recommended minis for this scenario (minus a few metal minis).

So I have a lot of painting ahead of me, but I may have a few games with unpainted minis :o very soon.


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