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Friday, 5 August 2016

28mm Haradrim Warriors - LoTRSBG

Hi All,

Following the Kârna build (see previous post), I was inspired to get these minis painted. I also wanted to complete them using only Warcolours paints (including their new 'One Coat' paints) & tryout a new basing formula.

The paint scheme is a basic tabletop standard (Basecoat/Wash/Highlight). The washes were created simply with thinned paint, I was especially pleased with 'Transparent Brown' which thinned down to something similar to the old Citadel 'Chestnut Wash'. This worked wonders on the skin, ropes & armour. I was also impressed with the 'One Coat' paints which are thin enough to use from the bottle but still strongly pigmented to cover well, though the black is a little glossy (the only negative thing I can say about them).

As for the base, I created a mix of sand, gravel, slate, crushed oyster shell, cork & baking powder. I applied this with superglue, the baking powder making it set quickly. I also used some static grass tufts I made myself from Jarvis Grass No 2 summer mix. Overall happy with the finished results & will use the basing method for other LoTR/Hobbit minis.


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